NWSC Rapid Accelerator (off-season) Program

About the NWSC R.A.P. program

The NWSC (Off Season) Rapid Accelerator Program runs over 3 month blocks, Autumn to Christmas, and New year to Easter.

Run on 4 weekly cycles, we build up core skills over the 4 weeks, before repeating the cycle again. 

We find this works exceptionally well, allowing the skiers / athletes to work intensely on core elements, whilst progressing rapidly through important skill sets, and techniques.

We adopt a core theme each cycle, and make adjustments as and when required, based on the progress and ability levels of the Flyers Squad.

NB. This period of training is to develop technical skills which will not always necessarily involve running gates, or even at race speed when gates are used, but rather, using courses to help develop fundamental to advanced skiing skills as needed by the group, or certain individuals. Once their skills develop, they will then be able to better apply them into training and race courses, with better skill, success, and in turn, results.