Congratulations Chay and Ben - Welsh Development Squad members 2021!

Published on 15 June 2021 at 10:04

Big congratulations to both Chay Bonnington, and Ben Sharples on being selected onto the Welsh Development Squad. Ben and Chay are the first from our Flyers training group to have been selected since we moved to the Llandudno slope a little over a year ago, in-spite of all the restrictions and lockdowns imposed due to the Covid virus control measures which have curbed training and competition.

Both Ben and Chay have continued to work really hard on their skiing, as have all the other Flyers, despite the lack of competition over the last 12 months or so by which to measure their progress. It has been a difficult time for aspirant racers to remain focused without the ability to accurately measure progress where it counts, on the race course!

Thankfully some competitions have begun again already this year, and there is a more full program scheduled for this summer season. So fingers crossed they will all be able to go ahead, and good luck to Chay and Ben for this season, and all the other Flyers who are hot on their heels!


This is SSW (Snowsport Wales) Squad announcements, and full list of athletes.

We are delighted to announce selections to our Welsh Ski Squad - details published to our website.

We have also introduced a new selection group in 2021.

The Wales Ski Development Group.

9 athletes have been selected to this group aimed at recognising and supporting a group of young athletes who are close to making Wales Ski Team criteria and have demonstrated significant improvements as well as commitment to training through the past 15 months.